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Alejandra Risanti (born June 12, 1987) is a Puerto Rican actress, singer-songwriter and philantropist. Besides acting, she is also a solo music artist.
Early Life.
Risanti was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Luis Rivera and Magdaline Santiago. Her artistic last name is a blend of both her last names. She has a younger sister, Frances, and two half siblings, Luis E. Rivera and Sophia V. Ruiz. Her mother, Magdaline Santiago, is a legal assistant to one of the most prominent lawyers in Puerto Rico; her father, Luis Rivera, was a percussionist in a Latin Christian band that toured throughout the US in the 90's and now does the same for a new Latin Christian band in Florida.
Risanti began her acting career at the age of five on church and school productions. Since 1992, Risanti has been part of several theatrical production that have included Christian, non-Christian and several genres including, comedy, drama, musicals, etc. making her one of the most versatile actress within her group of work. But her dream is to be part of the Disney Channel talent within the next two years.

In 2005, Risanti wrote and directed her first school production with a group of friends, landing the principal role; a 15-year-old girl abused by her step-father that by the end of the play kills herself. In a Twitter interview, made by a fan, Risanti stated that: "this was the most challenging play I have ever done." That same year, Risanti landed a part in the end-of-school-year production, and worked as well as a lighting coordinator.

In 2007, Risanti wrote, produced and directed her first theater production called 'The Passion of the Christ' and had the role of the narrator and a dancer.

In 2008, Risanti started songwriting, most of her lyrics are experiences she's been through. Though she hasn't been signed to a record label, her first EP is expected to be released sometime next year. Regarding the album, Risanti says: "It's going to be different and it's going to have an empowering sound. Hopefully people like it. I sing a lot of pop/rock and hopefully I can write with people like Demi Lovato or the Jonas Brothers."
In 2010, Risanti starred in the play 'La Estancia de los Cuervos y la Princesa Shajim' written by a member of her local church. In this play Risanti was able to show her versatily by playing three different characters which included a crow, a rich woman and a servant for a king.
In 2008, Risanti started a movement through MySpace and Facebook called 'Helping Through Blogs.' With this initiative Risanti wanted teens to get involved in helping charities just by using their own blogs to pick the charity of their choice and let their friends know that they were helping and how to help others. In that same year, Rianti teamed up with in the project 'DoSomething for Puerto Rico' against violence, bullying, teen pregnancy and teen violence in her hometown, Puerto Rico. Risanti has been teaming up with TOMS shoes since 2010, promoting and going barefoot for the One Day Without Shoes campaign in her hometown.
Personal Life.
In the same interview, Risanti admitted going through painful experiences regarding her body image. According to Risanti, the experiences were really bad until the ninth grade. She said: "The guys continued to be mean, but I didn't let it affect me that much anymore. They would go to my best friends and say "I would date Alejandra if she was skinnier", and it was hurtful, but I had friends with me all the time!"

When she talks about her #1 passion, Risanti stated, "My first passion is acting, because it's what's most interesting to me, it comes naturally. Acting has been behind me all my life, it's like my little motor. Music is my new experiment, something that has been my outlet for everything and now I want to give a try."

When it comes to music, Risanti stated that she likes pop/rock music and romantic ballads. She called boy-band the Jonas Brothers "one of the most 'awesomazing' experience of a concert I have ever lived".



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If you're in Puerto Rico & want to come see Alejandra, the play she's starring in, 'La Estancia de los Cuervos y la Princesa Shajim', is being presented on June 26 & 27 in the Arcelay Theatre in Caguas!

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